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marketplace-images-008“Laura Blankenship is the wife of Josh and Mom of her two cuties, Lincoln and Jackson. This singer/songwriter grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri where she resides now with her family. Laura’s upbringing was inundated with music. But the root of her musical inspiration came from her grandmother’s love of southern gospel music. “She insisted I learn to read the alto line in the hymnal! And she never gave up on me.” Laura recalls.

Soon after Laura and Josh tied the knot, Josh enlisted in the Army. Becoming an Army wife and a mother at the same time brought new experiences, new places to live, and new life lessons to learn. God was working in Laura’s life, teaching her how to depend only on Him and love others with a love like Jesus. Throughout her adult life, music was always a hobby, a side job, and a dream.

The fall of 2013 brought an awakening of that dream in the form of a book, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Laura learned to dream big, pray hard, and think long. Her life forever changed, she went on a mission to create new music and influence others in a positive way.

Laura currently serves as the Worship Leader for LifeQuest Church in Belton, MO. She is also the co-coordinator for the local MOPS group and leads a songwriting group within her church.

Contact Laura:

Blog: http://laurablankenshipmusic.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LauraBMusic7

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LauraBlankenshipMusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwQisBr1OTwepNhDjTHApQ

Author: Laura Blankenship

"Laura is the Worship Leader at LifeQuest Church just south of Kansas City, MO. She is the wife to Josh and mom to her rambunctious boys, Lincoln and Jackson. Her free time is spent doing...wait...what free time?!? Her life is full of chasing kids, planning worship sets, writing music, and singing her heart out. Check out her website, www.laurablankenshipmusic.com and follow her on twitter @laurabmusic7."

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