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marketplace-images-009For more than a decade, Gangai Victor has served as a worship leader and musician in India. He loves to talk and write about what he is insanely passionate about—worshiping God.

In addition to worship ministry, he also has a calling to write for the church, which he tries to fulfill through his blog Votive Praise apart from content contributions to other popular blogs like ChurchMag and WMC. His first book, “The Worship Kenbook” was published in 2014.

A born foodie and self-made movie buff, Gangai is also very dogmatic in his views about technology. His personal technology creed includes the following:

  • Android is better than iOS
  • Windows Mobile still has a chance
  • Firefox has entered its end times
  • Microsoft is cool
  • BlackBerry doesn’t deserve to die

If he’s not working on a new blog post, you can find Gangai with a guitar singing, writing and composing worship songs.

Gangai lives happily in Chennai with his wife Irene and son Luke balancing his time as a husband, dad, part time worship leader and full time worshipper while also holding a secular job.

You can connect with him at the following coordinates:

Email: connect@votivepraise.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/votivepraise

Facebook: www.facebook.com/votivepraise

Author: Gangai Victor

Gangai Victor is a worship leader / trainer / blogger from Chennai, India. Author of 'The Worship Kenbook'. For more of his writing, you can visit his blog Votive Praise. You can also connect with Gangai on Twitter (votivepraise).

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