Honoring Christ In Our Bodies-Day 4


We examine all beliefs and notions and are open to Reject …

Up until today, we’ve looked at how the road to victory in regard to addiction is to first recognize we have a problem. The problem we have is our sin and us. In admitting as much, we take responsibility for what we’ve done rather than shifting blame. Blame-shifting is exactly what Eve did when confronted by God in the Garden (she pointed at Adam & Adam blamed the snake), and humanity has been doing it ever since. The next phase in the cycle of redemption is to rejoice and transfer worship from the lesser love we are honoring, and place our fullest affections onto the perfect satisfier of our souls—Christ. Next, is to stop indulging and isolating, and instead to start relating and pursuing community.  The first thing sin does is seeks to divide us away from each other—sending us into hiding. Through exposing our sin to one another, rather than trying to conceal it, we find real healing.

What is apparent in our journey up until now is that the Holy Spirit, through his conviction, counsel, and comfort, is beginning to put his finger on some troubled areas in our soul. Through the wisdom, counsel, and rebuke of our brothers and sisters in Christ, our benevolent God is also starting to identify some very clear things that we need to reject.

Rejection is not merely turning our back on something, it is turning toward something better. This is the Bible’s image of repentance. Repentance, as seen in Romans 12, is literally a change in mind, that leads to a change in action. When we see that we’ve done wrong, our thinking must change. Our theology about God must change. Thus, our actions must follow and transform.

Today, as you read today’s Scripture, don’t think about rejection as a defensive move, but more as an offensive attack. You’re not walking away from anything, or missing out. You are however, positioning yourself to righteously use all that God has created in a way that glorifies him, rather than in a way that perverts his original purpose for you or the object you indulge for your addiction.

*For further reading in the Bible: Romans 13:11 – 13:14; 1st Peter 3:10 – 3:12; Romans 12:1 – 12:32 Timothy 2:22 – 2:26

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Author: Dave Yauk

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