Honoring Christ In Hymnody-Day 3

We leave you with this modern day Hymn from Garden Cities’ Album, The Gospel of John , and we would encourage you to get on our mailing list for when we release our Modern Hymn Projects. Notice the attempt that is made here to combine the choruses of today, with the rich Trinitarian theology that is so dear to us from our history. Notice also how this song tells a story—the story of God. One of the strengths of hymnody that has been lost in large part in our church singing today, is the ability to tell stories, build a progression of thought, and teach truth through songs.

| Verse 1 |

Christ became man, Incarnate son

God coming down to meet us

So now we lift up our voices in praise

The Word in flesh, descending

Into a Virgins womb

Showing the depth, the weight of humility

| Chorus 1 |

So raise your voice, for the God of heaven has come down to earth

Praise your King

So raise your voice He was born to live in us

In His bride, with His church, He’s our Home

| Verse 2 |

Christ lifted up on a cross

Exalted in such atrocity

He had to suffer to be glorified

Rising to life in victory

Over the grave and now

He has secured eternity for us

| Chorus 2 |

So raise your voice our God’s perfected love, lifted up

Praise your King

So raise your voice as He rides the clouds above

Ascended Lord, our Leader, our Home

| Verse 3 |

Back in the embrace of the Father

Our Messiah on His throne

The Spirit’s power now can live in and through us

God now has made us His home

In our hearts through faith

The Spirit’s seal a firm assurance

| Chorus 3 |

So raise your voice God in flesh now prays for us

He intercedes, Praise your King

So raise your voice, the Father sends His love

His Spirit sent, our Comfort our Home

| Verse 4b |

Christ will return again

Bringing heaven to earth 

Renewing all things

God will dwell with man

| Chorus 4 |

So raise your voice, heaven lives and moves on earth, sing oh, church

Praise your king

So raise your voice the kingdoms now and yet to come

We await as His bride, our Home

Our Cornerstone

*For further reading in the Bible: Colossians 3:16

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Author: Dave Yauk

Dave Yauk is first a foremost a follower of Jesus. He is Husband to Katie, and Father to 4 wonderful children (Naomi, Jesse, Levi, and Analise). Dave's primary passion is to seek after Gods Glory in all things, and in his contribution you'll find he holds a passion for Theology and all things Beautiful as seen in the Creator, Creativity, Character and Culture. Dave has been privileged to do ministry in over 17 countries. This has been his primary means of education and learning as a follower of Jesus. However, Dave has also had the honor of getting a B.A. from Colorado Christian University in Organizational Management and Christian Leadership, a Master's in Divinity from Liberty University, and a Doctorate in Worship Studies from I.W.S. Dave owns the Garden City Project (an online collaborative marketplace for Christian artists and innovators), Finale School of Music, and teaches online guitar for Jamplay.com. He is also a Professor of Theology, Worship and Missiology at Visible Music College and Grand Canyon University.

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