MultiCultural Worship Builds Community

I at one point had the privilege of speaking to 400 students about the concept of multicultural worship. First of all, I am encouraged by the fact that students in a Christian high school want to know more about multicultural worship (it was their idea to invite me to come!) A few days after the chapel, I got the chance to speak with one of the international students at the school. He said, “chapel was good this week.” I smiled and then probed. “What was good about it?” He paused, and then in broken English said, “It improved our relationship.” When I asked what he meant, he said that since the chapel, he feels like the American students understand the international students better, and are more apt to engage in conversation with them. I was blown away. As Jaewoo has encouraged us before, let us move towards developing “worshiping communities” and not simply “worship experiences.”

Below is a video of the last song that we did together. “How Great Is Our God” in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, Russian, and ASL.

Proskuneo exists to glorify God and promote unity in the Body of Christ through multilingual, multicultural worship gatherings, worship resources, and training in order that lives be transformed and nations come together to worship God.

Author: Josh Davis

Josh Davis is the Founder and Executive Director of Proskuneo Ministries. He is a multi-ethnic worship leader, clinician, songwriter, ordained minister, and music missionary. A third-culture person himself, Josh served as a missionary to the Dominican Republic before founding Proskuneo Ministries (, a ministry that exists to bring nations together in worship on earth as it is in heaven. Josh is the co-author of the book “Worship Together [in your church as in heaven].” In his spare time, Josh loves to jog, learn languages, and drink coffee. Josh lives with his wife and four children in Clarkston, GA where over 60 languages are spoken in a 1.5 mile radius.

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