John 1:1-14

The Word.

The Word’s how it all began.

The Word was.

The Word is.

The Word will come, for the Word is what he is.

He was God & with God before it began.

  All of it was made through him.


Nothing, seen or unseen, came about without him, for in the Word was life.

   Deep within him life sourced forth to radiate into the world as glorious light.

This thickened, brightened light exposed darkness

And Darkness cannot stand, nor sway, nor conquer it.

But God sends His conquerors.

One came, sent from God, called “John.”

He came, sworn by God, to tell the whole truth

Nothing but the light, so through illumination the nations might overcome.

John’s not light, he’s a witness on the stand, a pawn in our King’s hand.

Thick, true light would soon burst into earth.

He did.

He was in the cosmos. Though

He, being the source, made it all, none of it noticed

Him.  None of it called

Him “Maker, ” though

He knew it as “mine.”

He thought of his own people constantly, but consistently they left


But not all.

Some Stayed.

They opened arms, opened hearts, & welcomed their Word, praying to him.

To Receivers He gave a birthright, an identity, that none could take away.

They are Children of God.

They’re not Children of men.

Nor came they from choice and

No Husband or wife has control of this for

They are born of God himself.

The Word came as flesh,

Erecting His tent amidst our camp,

Despite our minuscule, minor shelters.

Our camp’s center shifted.

Gravity drew us into him,

For all orbited his tent.

His is a weight we can see, for he,

He is the one, the only one, the holy one coming from our Father,

The Father

    of we, His children.

His weight is truth.

His weight is grace.

For He is full of undeserved chances.

   Undeserved power to change.

And that fullness

Overflows to us,

His children.

Author: Lancelot Schaubert

Lancelot Schaubert has sold his written work to markets like The New Haven Review, McSweeney’s, The Poet’s Market, Writer’s Digest (magazine and books), Poker Pro, Encounter, The Misty Review, Carnival, Brink, and many other similar markets. He reinvented the photonovel through Cold Brewed and was commissioned by the Missouri Tourism Board to create a second photonovel — The Joplin Undercurrent — that both fictionalizes and enchants the history and culture of Joplin, Missouri. His work terraforms new worlds, tears the veil between the natural and supernatural, and jests with the paradoxes of classical metaphysics. When he’s not writing (or tinkering with cinema-ish narrative), he’s dabbling in dozens of different books, listening to people tell their life stories, camping, fishing, exploring unfamiliar territory (there’s a lot in New York), tinkering with new languages (Spanish, currently), exploring random disciplines like chemical engineering, as well as messing around with improv comedy (at UCB) and leisure de main and music. PLEASE SEND SOUP — he loves soup. Yes, even if it’s summer. Find him in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Tara, and their attack spaniel, Echo.

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