WMC Podcast, #0175, Cody Curtis of Psallos on The Romans Project

Interview with Cody Curtis of Psallos on “The Romans Project”

Cody Curtis is on a journey, and we think it’s pretty amazing. He’s working his way through the book of Romans and setting it to music. If you’ve ever read the book of Romans, you know it’s a book that covers many of the most important themes of our Christian faith. So, the importance of capturing these themes in song is high. We invite you to listen to our interview with Cody about the process he goes through in setting these truths to music, and SO MUCH MORE in this interview!

To learn more about Cody and Psallos, check him out here: http://www.psallos.com

To listen to the Romans Project, visit here: https://psallos.bandcamp.com/album/romans-live-at-fbc-jackson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/psallosmusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PSALLOS/313342515389174

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