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zac-hicks-nov-17thZac Hicks is a leading voice in today’s liturgy and woship movement. We invite you to listen to his podcast that aired on November 17th, and feel free to take some of the Tweets Zac was kind enough to write up for WMC and GCP, and retweet them. We’d love as many people as possible to make their way to the podcast and hear what he has to say.

“Every pastor is a worship leader and every worship leader is a pastor.” #TheWorshipPastor


“A worship leader with a pastoral heart believes with desperate optimism in the church and her work in the world.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Worship that is full of the Holy Spirit’s presence and activity can be no less than an experience which also makes much of Jesus Christ, in all His saving death and life.” #TheWorshipPastor


“The Spirit’s agenda in manifesting His presence to us in worship is to show us our need for Jesus and then give Him to us.” #TheWorshipPastor


 “Though we don’t usher people into God’s presence, we stubbornly, insistently point to the One who does.” #TheWorshipPastor


“When our ego has inflated our head to such an ungodly size that there is no room for anyone else in the sanctuary, we’ve become worship leaders of ourselves, for ourselves, by ourselves.” #TheWorshipPastor


“As you plan and lead worship services, it’s as if you are handing out spiritual shovels, pickaxes, and rakes, empowering Christians for a week of labor in the fields of discipleship.” #TheWorshipPastor


“A disciple is an idolator who has been ‘factory-recalled’ by God.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Music props up our emotions, preventing them from falling to the left or the right so that the source of our prayer comes not just from our lips but from our hearts.” #TheWorshipPastor


“How many times have you looked upon a congregation and felt like God’s worshipers in prayer looked more like the walking dead than the praying living?” #TheWorshipPastor


“If we want our congregations to be healthy and vibrant, let us allow the Spirit to lavishly serve up large portions of Jesus.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Worship leaders who are pastorally alert and sober minded need to recognize that they have a big target on their backs.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Worship and spiritual/physical war share a common ancestry.” #TheWorshipPastor


“The Call to Worship which says, ‘Come and worship the Lord!’ also ironically mutters under its breath, ‘because you haven’t been doing a very good job of that on your own, have you?’” #TheWorshipPastor


“The war of worship is not waged by efforts of human action but by reception of divine action.” #TheWorshipPastor


“In worship, the gospel is the only weapon we have, but it’s all that we need.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Justice and worship are joined at the hip.” #TheWorshipPastor


“True worship inevitably produces justice the way true faith inevitably produces good works.” #TheWorshipPastor


“It takes prayer, patience, wisdom, and relational checks and balances to execute our prophetic ministry with pastoral grace.” #TheWorshipPastor


“The prophetic blade we hold as Worship Pastors must be used for precision surgery, not mass slaughter.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Where there is no Jesus in worship, there is no true justice.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Missional momentum halts when the heart of worship is removed.” #TheWorshipPastor


“If your church is struggling to be a truly missional body, worship must be a very real place of examination.” #TheWorshipPastor


“While we all, artists and nonartists, must live in a painfully graceless world, the church can and should offer something different.” #TheWorshipPastor


11/23 “Worship is the ground zero of pastoral care.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Worship is where all pastoral care rightly begins, and without it, all other forms of pastoral care lose their meaning and power.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Worship is the nucleus of all pastoral care.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Emotionless worship is just as toxic to our faith as haphazardly emotional worship is.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Every pastor should consider worship leadership a part of their duty, and every worship leader should view their job as fulfilling a pastoral function.” #TheWorshipPastor


“Failure is the great and perpetual starting place for all successful ministry.” #TheWorshipPastor

Author: Zac Hicks

Zac Hicks (D.Min. candidate, Knox Theological Seminary; M.Div., Denver Seminary; B.A., Biola University) is Canon for Worship & Liturgy at Cathedral Church of the Advent (Birmingham, AL), blogger at, and author of The Worship Pastor (Zondervan, 2016). He grew up in Hawaii, studied music in Los Angeles, trained in Philosophy and Biblical Studies at Denver Seminary, and his current doctoral work is in the theology and worship of the English Reformation. Zac’s passions include exploring the intersection of old and new in worship and thinking through the pastoral dimensions of worship leading. He is a songwriter, having recorded seven albums to date. Zac has contributed articles and posts to Worship Leader Magazine, Reformed Worship, The Gospel Coalition, and Doxology & Theology. Zac has been married for fifteen years to his wife, Abby, and they have four children—Joel, Jesse, Brody, and Bronwyn.

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