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The Worship Ministry Catalyst in partnership with Garden City is proud to present Gospel Song Records and Isaac Wardell. Gospel Song Records is announcing their partnership with Bifrost Arts. Lead by Isaac Wardell, the music collective has released four full-length records and hosted numerous national worship conferences. Since its start in 2007, the continuing ambition for the group is to challenge and equip music leaders to make more creative and culturally valuable worship music. A variety of musicians have been and are currently involved in the Bifrost Arts movement, including Sufjan Stevens, J. Tillman, Sandra McCracken, and Dave Bazan. Their newest project, Lamentations, will be released through Gospel Song Records November 4th.

Of the album, Wardell says, “The work of the church is always to respond to the particular cultural challenges of our times. I think it’s appropriate that our worship songs should not only speak of God’s glory and His fame, but also about topics like human trafficking, gender identify, global political violence, the disintegration of community, and a culture of loneliness and estrangement. Jesus models for us what it looks like to enter the sorrows of the world, and so we hope to help the church to enter into those sorrows with the songs of this new record.”




Also airing on this week’s show is JBRUMAY. He is a recording/touring artist who has appeared alongside artists such as Big Daddy Weave, The Side Walk Prophets, and Todd Agnew. He joins us to talk about his Sing a Psalm and Unsung initiatives, and what he’s doing at his recording company in Nashville, Stock and Stone, to aid the local church in its artistry.



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Author: Isaac Wardell

Isaac Wardell lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and children. He is currently the Director for Worship Arts at Trinity Presbyterian Church:

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