The Purpose of Christian Change and What it Means for Worship Leaders

THE PURPOSE OF CHANGE AND WHAT IT MEANSWe all know the cliché that change is the only constant—yet, it’s pretty much human nature to struggle when we are hit with change, right?

One would expect Christians to be more receptive to change simply because our very faith is built upon the concept of change—the old giving way to the new. Remember how our Lord famously declared, “Behold, I am making ALL things new” (Revelation 21:5), how about that!

But when we speak about change in a Christian context, we mean far more than just altering something, right? God is in the transformation business after all!

For a moment, think about how God’s grace works in us

  • Grace drowns our old nature and makes alive the new, in Baptism
  • Grace converts us from sinner to saint
  • Grace turns our mourning into dancing
  • Grace transfers us from darkness to marvelous light
  • Grace makes God’s children out of orphans
  • Grace, in the end, will lead us from earth to Heaven

Slavery to freedom, flesh to spirit, ashes to beauty… I can go on and on, but you get the idea… our entire faith-life is a journey of change that transforms us daily to conform us to the will of God.

And yet, there’s a paradox: all of this change is caused by an unchanging God—such is the perfection of His persons!

The purpose of change

Why should we undergo so much change?

Well, the simplest answer is, it’s good for us!

This means, the more we cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the better for us.

But the more profound truth I would like to highlight—and this where it gets more interesting for worship leaders—is this:

The ultimate goal of Christian transformation is to become worshipers.

I wish more worship leaders would embrace this aspect of our ministry: we shouldn’t be stopping with leading worship; we should be doing all that we can to make better worshipers out of our people.

You don’t need to be Paul Baloche to teach people to worship—you are where God wants you to be. Recognize the massive opportunity and privilege that God has given you and dive in!

Apart from regular worship ministry:

  • Keep studying
  • Keep learning from others
  • Start teaching your people to worship
  • Mentor other worship leaders

Not all of us will go out to the entire world and make disciples; but we can surely impact the people that God places within our respective spheres of influence and make worshipers, can’t we?

So don’t hold back.

Worship God.

Love people.

Be an instrument of transformation.

Live the gospel.

Make worshipers.

Author: Gangai Victor

Gangai Victor is a worship leader / trainer / blogger from Chennai, India. Author of 'The Worship Kenbook'. For more of his writing, you can visit his blog Votive Praise. You can also connect with Gangai on Twitter (votivepraise).

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