Every Sunday is Easter

2015-CalendarIt’s the stuff of church staffer dreams.  The parking lot is jammed, teams of coffee-amped volunteers are bustling, the band is running through that great new song, and very soon, crowds of regulars, guests, and returners will begin pouring through the doors.  It’s Easter Sunday, a full house, and the energy is intoxicating.

In almost every church across the country, Easter brings more of what we all want most – people.  That’s not a bad thing.  After all, our God-given mission is to make disciples.  And by it’s nature, disciple making requires people.  So on a day of big numbers, we unleash the full weight of our creativity, preparation, and resources to leverage a once a year experience that wows the masses.

So what about the week after Easter?

I remember several years ago, shortly after I came on staff, my boss mentioned in a meeting that “every Sunday is Easter”.  Not theologically, of course, but programmatically.  Think about it.  What do we communicate by putting a comparatively large amount of resources into a single day, just because more “guests” will be present.  What about the handful of guests in mid-July?  Are they not important enough to warrant our best efforts just because they don’t constitute a “crowd”?  Yea I know, that stung me too.  We talk about how important every individual is, but program like individuals don’t matter – only crowds matter – or so say our resources.

Now to be clear, I’m not suggesting we reduce our Easter efforts.  Regardless of church size, that day usually represents our best.  What I’m asking is, what if we started putting Easter level effort into the 51 other Sundays too?  Easter level creativity, Easter level passion, Easter level preparation.  Even if we can’t muster Easter level budget, there are myriad other resources at our disposal.

Think about it from a new person’s perspective.  You show up on Easter, maybe because you’ve been thinking about returning to church.  You feel engaged, welcomed, wowed, challenged, inspired – all things you value.  You enjoy yourself so much you decide to return the following week.  Still engaged?  Still inspired?

It’s a challenge we face every 7 days.  Whether 50, 500, or 5000 – every single person that walks through our doors is important enough to get our best.  Most of us would agree that Christ died and defeated death for individuals.  Those same individuals attend our services every week of the year, not just Easter.  And every week, we have the opportunity to introduce them to the Hope of the world.  Let’s determine together to never miss another opportunity, holiday or not.

What are some ways you muster Easter-level effort throughout the year?

Author: Josh Ferris

Josh is the Worship Pastor and Creative Director at Praise Church in Beaumont, Texas. With over 8 years in full-time ministry, he brings practical and “field tested” perspective to the areas of both leadership and creativity. His passion is to see churches develop effective systems, healthy cultures, and high-impact teams to leverage the gospel and help redeem the Church to society.

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