WMC Podcast – 0144 – Interview with Don Moen

Interview with Don Moen

I have to say, you are in for a real treat in this episode! We were fortunate enough to be able to interview Don Moen about a new project he’s doing called: “Worship In Action.

Worship In Action (WIA) is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Nashville, Tennessee. Don Moen founded WIA in response to the great needs he encountered while on worship tours around the world. It became very clear to Don when he met a little girl named Gifty in Accra, Ghana, that God wanted him to do more than just sing and lead people into worship. God wanted Don to step out and be Christ’s hands and feet to hurting people. The purpose of Worship In Action is to do just that: to be the tangible hands and feet of Christ to people who have lost hope.

Besides talking about this new non-profit, we also got to talk about worship. Of course we spent a little time talking about some of his heritage in worship songs he’s written, but that’s not what struck us in the conversation.

What really resonated with us was how he talked about worship in relation to Isaiah 6. It’s a passage we have probably heard many times when it comes to worship. But Don made a connection in the passage I hadn’t really made before. This little nugget of wisdom Don shares with us as it relates to Isaiah 6 is not only worth the time it takes you to listen to the podcast, but it could be something that transforms the way you tackle worship ministry at your church. In fact, that’s our hope as you listen in!

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