WMC Podcast – 0142 – Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean

Interview with Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean

What a joy it is to bring you this interview! We had the distinct privilege of interviewing Randy Phillips of the Renowned trio, Phillips, Craig & Dean. If you’ve been around Christian circles at all, you’ve heard them or you’ve heard some of their songs. As we got to chat with Randy, we were really overjoyed to hear his heart for ministry and his desire to encourage worship leaders and worship team members around the world. We know that as you listen to Randy talk, you’ll not only be equipped a little more than you were before, but you’ll find yourself encouraged to press on a little more.

Their new Album, Above It All, was released yesterday, November 10. So, you can get your copy of the album by clicking one of the links below!

Order the cd or go to iTunes or Amazon for download today.

(Note: We have episodes 0137, 0138 & 141 ready to come to you as well, but given the timely nature of the content of this and the next episode and our desire to give you a resource you can use to plan the coming Christmas services, we wanted to put these two episodes out in advance. We know you’ll be glad we did!)

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