WMC Podcast – 0139 – Interview with Joel Payne of RESOUND Worship

Interview with Joel Payne of RESOUND Worship

In this episode of the Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast, we talk with Joel Payne of RESOUND worship about their recently released Christmas album “Christmas Songs.” The heart of RESOUND is to provide worship songs that are accessible for local congregation and local church musicians.

RESOUNDworship.org is a group of British worship-songwriters, seeking to resource the church with heartfelt, crafted, accessible worship songs. We believe these should be birthed in the local church and then refined by a peer critique process, if they are to benefit the wider church. We want to share these as widely as possible, so we offer many of our resources completely free, with a small charge for some that are more costly to produce.

(You can also download the Album from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/christmas-songs/id932724689)

(Note: We have episodes 0137 & 0138 ready to come to you as well, but given the timely nature of the content of this and the next episode and our desire to give you a resource you can use to plan the coming Christmas services, we wanted to put these two episodes out in advance. We know you’ll be glad we did!)

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