Weekend Review – 08-2930-09

Early on last week I had a choice, I could spend the week trying to fill up the band, or do something different. Considering the amount of time I’ve spent over the course of this summer simply trying to have a band on any given weekend, I decided to do something different. So, I cleared the stage, moved the piano to Center stage & set up one additional mic. It was just myself and one of our female vocalists for the weekend.

It was fantastic. We had a great time leading and the congregation really seemed to enjoy participating. This gave me the opportunity to do some of the songs we don’t normally get to do and it gave the congregation the opportunity to enjoy a simpler worship time before their personal schedules got really crazy. It was really cool.

Here was our Set:

  • Rest In Your Peace (mine)
  • Welcome
  • Come Thou Fount
  • Great & Marvelous (Love this tommy walker song)
  • Speak to Me (Also, another great Tommy Walker song)
  • Draw Me Nearer (Diane Sheets Arr.)
  • Sermon
  • All of my Days

Our vocalist really knocked great and marvelous out of the park this weekend. It was just a great time to simplify things and really get to enjoy the time of worship!

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