Weekend Review – 08-2223-09

This weekend was my first weekend back after vacation, it was kind of like going back to school. I wasn’t gone for long, but it was still a little weird coming back. Maybe you’ve experienced that same feeling?

This was a great weekend. Our focus was on communion and enjoying our salvation. So, we did a short sermon and spent a little more time on communion as well as split the service up in a different way. The service was quite a bit shorter than normal, which might be considered a summer treat!

We also got to play one of my new songs at the end of the service as a special. It’s a song called “Rivers of Love.” I’ll put a recording up on our social network (worshipministrycatalyst.ning.com) soon.

Here was our service:

  • Welcome
  • Because of Your Love
  • Alive Forever, Amen!
  • Happy Day
  • Sermonette
  • Love Like Rain
  • Jesus Paid It All
  • Communion
  • Rivers of Love

On Saturday night, we had a little problem with Jesus Paid It All, I started it a little too fast, which threw her off throughout the song. We fixed that for Sunday morning, so that was much better. We didn’t quite get enough work on Rivers of Love to be able to play it like I wanted it, but considering we only rehearsed for a short time before the service on Saturday, it worked out pretty well.

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