Weekend Review – 08-0809-10

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a review. Sorry about that. Life has been a little crazy and quite honestly I’m a little burned out right now, so those would be the two major culprits for why.

This weekend, we didn’t have a drummer. Every week seems to be a struggle to find a drummer, and I probably could have found one for this week, but as I started thinking about it, I realized I might be shooting myself in the foot by always finding someone. If there happens to be a drummer in our church who just hasn’t stepped forward, and they always see that there’s a drummer playing, they may think that they’re not needed. So, going a week or two here and there without a drummer might actually prove to be a more effective recruiting tool. Who knows, I guess I’ll find out.

I also decided to try something different this week. Instead of just doing a couple of songs, giving announcements and doing a couple more songs, I decided to start off with the welcome, and then just plow right through 6 songs. We never do six songs, I’m pretty sure the most we’ve ever done since I’ve been here is 5, so this was a first for us. But, I’ve been thinking and evaluating our worship services over the past few weeks, and one of the things I think I’ve figured out is that one of the reasons people don’t enter in to worship is because we’re not giving them the opportunity. We’re starting & stopping and we never give them enough time to put the week behind them and get into worship. So, that’s what we did and It worked quite well.

Here was our set:

  • The Heart of Worship
  • Here I Am To Worship
  • A Greater Song
  • How Can I Keep From Singing
  • Hosanna
  • All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises
  • Message
  • Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

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