Weekend Review 07-05-09

I don’t know about you, but this was a weird week. We canceled our Saturday evening service because it was the fourth of July (for anyone not from America, that’s an important day for us, and if you’re from Great Britain – well – sorry). So we only had one Service on Sunday morning, which means the band only had Sunday morning to get ready and one service to get it all right. Normally, we have rehearsal on Saturday afternoon (when everyone’s awake) and service on Saturday evening, sound check and run-through Sunday morning and Sunday morning Service.

Having to have rehearsal on Sunday morning was a little challenging for some of our members. Granted, that’s what most of you do, but our people aren’t used to that. At my last church we met at 7:15 every Sunday morning, here we never meet that early.

So, considering we only had Sunday morning rehearsal and one service, it all went pretty well. We weren’t perfect and I made plenty of mistakes, but the sum of the whole was pretty good.

Here was our Set:

  • Beautiful One
  • I am Free
  • Welcome
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains)
  • Pardoning Blood (A new song I wrote)
  • Sermon
  • You are my King

I’ll get a recording of the song I wrote up on our player for you to listen to, you should go check out some of the other songs that are on there. (At the writing of this post, it’s just to the right —> )

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