Weekend Review

I have to admit, something kind of cool happened this weekend. My Senior Pastor played on the worship band. Maybe, this is old hat to some of you, but for me, it was something very new and very cool. We’ve been kind of searching for musicians for a little while here at Gateway and since he had wasn’t preaching this last weekend, he offered to play on worship band. Even though he’s an incredibly busy man, and has a lot on his shoulders running the church and many pressures I couldn’t understand, he gave his time to play in the worship band this weekend, and did a great job. It was very cool.

We also had a drummer show up at the last minute, which was also great. We’re really struggling to find drummers right now, so I was thinking we’d be without one this weekend (kind of a bummer on the weekend your Sr. Pastor is playing). But our children’s director (who’s one of our drummers) came through. In spite of being away at camp all week, and having his sister’s wedding on the same day, he came and played drums. It was great!

So something that could have been like last weekend – me, a bass player and a couple of vocalists – turned out to be a pretty well rounded band. So, props to Bob & Lee, a huge thanks for selflessly making the worship at Gateway this last weekend a success.

On another note, we’re in the midst of “One Prayer” at Gateway, and this last weekend we watched Craig Groeschel’s message “Make us One” and I thought it was phenomenal. It was a challenge to find songs that fit well with the message, so I didn’t try too hard to do so. (I actually tried for a long time to find some songs that went well – but couldn’t find any, so I gave up.)

Here was our set:

  • All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises
  • Joyful, Joyful (David Crowder Version)
  • Welcome/Announcements
  • Come, Now is the Time to Worship
  • Meet Us Here (Mike Honholtz)
  • Message
  • You Alone

We even had almost the whole band for the closing which is something that we don’t do very often – I like to allow the worship people to leave early if the need to, since they’re there all weekend.

It was a great weekend, and people really joined in as well. Which is one of the biggest goals of what we do on a weekend.