Weekend Review

Here’s my latest post over at worshipministrycatalyst.com

“This weekend was kind of a let down for me, being perfectly honest. The band that we had, did a phenomenal job, as did the vocalist and tech team. The reason it was kind of a let down for me was that I was trying to schedule a very full band, and I was pretty sure most of them would be able to make it, and we ended up with only three pieces to the band. But, aside from that it was a good weekend.

We’re in the second week of our Revolution series, and this week was about grace so we did communion at the end of the service. Bob wove it seamlessly into the sermon and tied the whole service together extremely well. It wasn’t one of those weekends where you do communion because you haven’t done it in 6 weeks, it was a weekend where we did communion because it was the right thing to do. The congregation responded very well to communion, and the worship that followed.

There has also been quite a bit of consistency to the experience of the entire weekend. The songs have been consistent with the theme, the decor is also consistent. The mood is set from the moment you walk through the doors with the decorations in the foyer, then pre-service videos and other videos throughout the service.

I love the direction we’re going with our services, we’re really starting to go in the direction of begin far more creative with the entire worship experience and not just trying to get the songs and message to line up. I hope that we really keep going further down this road so that the experience for everyone regular attender and visitor alike is something they remember after they leave the building.”