Honoring Christ In Our Liturgy-Day 1

Rhythm in Creation

The Christian’s goal is to be a vibrant Spirit-Filled part of God’s Church—committed to and directed by the Word of God. In observing some of the key passages on worship in Scripture, one can see that some distinct patterns, rhythms, and call and response conversations emerge in Christian prayer. The rhythm of Scripture is proclamation and response. God initiates worship in conversation and we respond.
You will notice in major sections of Scripture that the way in which God deals with His people, and His creation has a pattern and form—what we will call rhythms. His actions are not science, nor prescriptive, but rather His rhythms of grace give us good descriptive wisdom about how we are to be formed in our response toward Him. You’ll notice that some definite key patterns arise in Scripture in how people are approached by God and in how they respond to Him:

  1. God’s Character is Recognized  (We adore and Praise God)
  2. Human Character is Recognized  (Our sin is exposed and we confess)
  3. God Initiates Grace (God assures us of our forgiveness)
  4. Human’s Respond to Grace (We respond to His gift in thankfulness)
  5. God’s Initiates Instruction (God teaches us through His Word)
  6. We respond in Obedience (We obey Him, living out His mission)
  7. God’s Promise (We’re dismissed in the promise of God’s presence)
  8. Our Blessing (We are blessed to go and be a blessing)

We are to incorporate this “Rhythm” into our gathered worship services, and also to train it into our lives as we scatter in all realms of society. Today, consider God’s Order of Worship in the Genesis 1 Creation account.

  • God’s pursues Creation (v. 1)
  • Creation’s character revealed (v. 2)
  • God’s grace given in His presence over the waters (v. 2)
  • God’s Instruction for the Creation to obey (v. 3)
  • God’s assurance that it is good (v. 4)
  • God commands the light to separate (v. 4)
  • Promise of Blessing and the Assignment to Roles (sending) (vv. 4-5)

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*For further reading in the Bible: Genesis 1:1-1:5

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Author: Dave Yauk

Dave Yauk is first a foremost a follower of Jesus. He is Husband to Katie, and Father to 4 wonderful children (Naomi, Jesse, Levi, and Analise). Dave's primary passion is to seek after Gods Glory in all things, and in his contribution you'll find he holds a passion for Theology and all things Beautiful as seen in the Creator, Creativity, Character and Culture. Dave has been privileged to do ministry in over 17 countries. This has been his primary means of education and learning as a follower of Jesus. However, Dave has also had the honor of getting a B.A. from Colorado Christian University in Organizational Management and Christian Leadership, a Master's in Divinity from Liberty University, and a Doctorate in Worship Studies from I.W.S. Dave owns the Garden City Project (an online collaborative marketplace for Christian artists and innovators), Finale School of Music, and teaches online guitar for Jamplay.com. He is also a Professor of Theology, Worship and Missiology at Visible Music College and Grand Canyon University.

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