Does Your Family Miss Easter While You’re Working At Church?

My 6 year old loves holidays. I mean, really loves holidays. He will jump out of his bed, sprint into the kitchen and announce, “HAPPY FLAG DAY!!!” We then spend some time looking up the meaning and origin of the holiday for some fun learning. Not joking, this happens for every holiday they mark on the calendar.

But I already know what’s going to happen on Easter:

“Mom! Mom! It’s Easter! Happy Easter!”

I’m sure I’ll reply, “Hurry up! Eat your breakfast as fast as you can. We have to get to church early today.”

There won’t be any time for learning. There won’t be any time to reflect on the greatness of Easter with my kiddos that morning. Why? Church leaders, I think you already know.

We will rush through breakfast and race to church. My kids will sit through an extra long music rehearsal followed up with two kids classes. Then, Grandma and Grandpa will take them home and watch them for the rest of the day while my husband and I finish out the busiest day of the year for those of us on church staff. By the time we get home, my kids will be asleep.


Easter is not a day spent with family when your work is at church.


But that’s not how I want my kids to think of Easter. I don’t want the only time they hear about the cross to be in kid’s class on Easter morning. I don’t want this holiday to pass in a blur for my family. Right?

What can we do about it?


Be intentional. Plan ahead. Pray.

-I found a 12-day devotional activity I can do with my boys leading up to Easter Sunday. It’s bright, informative, visual, fun, and hands-on. These kinds of activity ideas are everywhere on the Internet. Take a few minutes and find something that works for your family (tip: I found mine in 15 seconds on Pinterest). It’s only going to take 10-15 minutes everyday but it will be worth it when my kids are thinking of the Lamb on Easter morning instead of a bunny.

-Do you read to your kids at night before bed? Over the next couple of weeks, give your nightly reading ritual an Easter theme. There are TONS of great books for kids about Easter. Our two new ones this year will be The Donkey Who Carried a King and Prince’s Poison Cup, both by R. C. Sproul. Reading is a phenomenal way to spur conversation.

-We will be having our full-fledged family Easter celebration on the Saturday before Easter this year. I love that we can plan ahead and keep this family tradition alive for my kids. I have so many memories gathering at Great Grandma Glessie’s house with all of my cousins for our giant Easter egg hunt. What are your Easter family plans, traditions, and memories? How are you keeping them alive for your kids?

-I’m starting a new tradition for myself this year. I’m going to intentionally pray for my church staff and their families. I’m praying that we will not miss out on our at-home spiritual responsibilities while we are all consumed with this major holiday. I would love to pray for you too! Can we all do that for each other? Will you pray for my Lincoln and Jackson that they won’t miss out on the truth of the cross this year?


Worship Leaders, Pastor’s, and ALL church leaders – We can do it! We can have amazing Easter services at church AND celebrate Jesus with our families like we desire. Let’s be intentional with our children this year. Let’s pray on purpose for each other.


Leave a comment and tell me your family Easter plans! I will be making a list of fellow Worship Leaders (or any church workers) so I can pray for you all by name over the next two weeks. Can I add your name to the list?

Author: Laura Blankenship

"Laura is the Worship Leader at LifeQuest Church just south of Kansas City, MO. She is the wife to Josh and mom to her rambunctious boys, Lincoln and Jackson. Her free time is spent doing...wait...what free time?!? Her life is full of chasing kids, planning worship sets, writing music, and singing her heart out. Check out her website, and follow her on twitter @laurabmusic7."

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