Top 20 Worship Blogs

One of my goals, is to help equip Worship Leaders and Worship Team members to do their ministry in the best possible way. I wish I knew everything there was to know about Worship Ministry, but unfortunately, I do not. And that’s ok. It’s ok that you don’t know either. But, here are a few people who know worship ministry too, and I think you will benefit from reading their wisdom too!

Worship Matters (

The Worship Community which is run by: Fred McKinnon (not a blog) & Paul Baloche’s Blog.

Chris from Canada (

Musicademy (

Alastair Vance (

Jordan Fowler ( & &

I Am An Offering (

Worship Together Blog (

All about Worship ( (

Worship Ministry (

Votive Praise (

Worship Tools (

Worship Team Training (

Ministry Matters (

Dan Leverence (

Jason Sears (

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