Kevin’s Weekend Review: 10-4-09

Hi everyone.  Man, what a busy service on Sunday!  You ever had one of those?  Where you have 120 minutes of stuff you’re trying to fit into 75 minutes worth of a service.  Crazy!  All week long I was talking with people and trying to find ways to cut time but without cutting on the heart or meat of the service.

The end result I think was pretty good.  I had several people come up after and thank me for how worshipful the service was.  I’m thinking to myself, “Really?  I was just trying not to end 30 minutes over!”  Isn’t it cool how God still works even when we’re thinking logistics.  I love that!

So here’s what our Sunday looked like:

  • Open the Eyes of My Heart(Paul Baloche)
  • Mission Focus: Dave & Pat Potts (supported missionaries back from the field)
  • Revelation Song (Jamie Riddle… we’ve been doing this song this past couple weeks.  It’s a little tricky to learn, but a powerful song).
  • Communion time, with servers passing out elements in between songs
  • Holy God(Brian Doerksen… another song we’ve been doing recently that people how really embraced)
  • Above All(Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche)
  • Welcome Time
  • Body Life / Prayer for Offering
  • Glorious(Paul Baloche… brand new song that hasn’t been released.  Front edge stuff!)
  • Message: God Who? – Psalm 19

Hope everyone is staying fresh in the ministry.  Check out what other people are doing at Fred McKinnon’s blog.  CYA!

Author: Kevin Kruse

Kevin is the Worship Pastor at Laurelwood Baptist Church. He attended Multnomah Bible College where he met his wife, Melanie. Together, they live in Vancouver, WA with their two daughters (Callie and Hailey), two cats (Bailey and Daisy), and their dog Lucy.

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