Kevin’s Weekend Review: 10-18-09

Hi everyone!  My life has been a little crazy and stressful the last few weeks; our family is moving to a house right by the church.  We’re super excited, but it’s a lot of work packing up a house.  You wouldn’t believe the things I found… I kept asking myself, “Why do we have this?” or “Do we really need xyz?”

But in the midst of all this busyness, God has been doing some neat things in my life.  The last several weeks, I’ve found myself thinking about our worship service a little differently.  I’ve been challenged to really examine everything we do in our service and see if it’s all pointing to God.  Even transitions can play a huge part in the worship experience.  As a result, I feel like the last couple weeks have been very focused on the Lord and having a unified message.  It’s been cool!

Here is what we did on Sunday:

  • Opening Scripture Reading: Philippians 2 & John 3:16
  • Hosanna (Paul Baloche)
  • Here I Am to Worship  (Tim Hughes)
  • Jesus, Name Above All Names (my friend wrote a new chorus to this classic song)
  • Once Again (Matt Redman)
  • King of Kings (Clay Heacocks; this is a great anthemic song from back in my days with Calvary Chapel Fellowships)
  • Mission Focus: Missionaries Dwight and Becky Johnson
  • Body Life / Prayer for Offering
  • Jesus, What a Beautiful Name (Old Hillsong from 1996 I think)
  • Message: “Descending Into Glory” – Luke 2 (Pastor Mike)
  • Jesus, Name Above All Names  (reprise)

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Author: Kevin Kruse

Kevin is the Worship Pastor at Laurelwood Baptist Church. He attended Multnomah Bible College where he met his wife, Melanie. Together, they live in Vancouver, WA with their two daughters (Callie and Hailey), two cats (Bailey and Daisy), and their dog Lucy.

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