Weekend Review – 01-31–02-01-09

All the stars aligned and worship was awesome. So, I don’t actually believe in the stars aligning or whatever, but in a sense they did. We did almost everything this week that prepared us as wholly as we could for the worship this weekend.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems like I feel quite regularly (as a worship leader) there is always more I could have done to help us get ready. And it usually shows in some way on the weekend. You know…could have gotten the band the charts earlier, could have worked more on one part during rehearsal, could have communicated better, etc. It wasn’t a perfect week, there were a couple of loose ends that had to be tied up on the weekend….our bass player couldn’t make to the midweek rehearsal, we didn’t have childcare for our Sat. rehearsal, I could have reminded the band what they needed to work on between our rehearsal and the service. But those things aside, we were really prepared for our role to lead worship this weekend. And it showed.

We got a lot of compliments like “Great worship” “There were times that it was hard to sing (in a good way)” & even one who said “That was the best worship we’ve ever had.”

In spite of all we did, the best thing that we did and the best thing that happened was that all of us on the team were being submissive and allowing God is speak to us and through us. In the end that’s what made it so great – our willingness to be led by the Spirit and lead the congregation that way.

Here was our set:

  • All the Earth will Sing your Praises (Baloche – Travis Cotrell arr.)
  • Lord I lift your name on High (Lincoln Brewster Arr.)
  • Welcome & prayer
  • Great & Marvelous (Tommy Walker)
  • Scripture Reading (Rev. 4)
  • Revelation Song (Jennie Lee Riddle)
  • Sermon
  • I surrender all (on Sat.) Grace Greater than our Sin (on Sun.)

Great and Marvelous.

This was a new song for us. It was challenging to our band (and me), and it was stylistically quite different from what we normally do here on the weekend – which is exactly why I chose it.

Revelation Song.

If this song isn’t in your rotation it needs to be. It’s one of the best, power-worship songs to come out in a long time (in my opinion).

Lessons Learned this week: When I do my part to prepare it frees the worship leaders up to be able to lead and be led in worship.

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