The iPod as a worship tool

Today I wanted to write about a tech tool that I use quite often, the iPod. Of course, not everybody has an ipod, some have other brands of mp3 players, some use CD’s etc.

Here’s why I use an ipod (or any mp3 player) instead of CD’s.

First, it’s easier to go through a lot of songs. What I used to do was buy a bunch of CD’s, rip them to mp3’s and then load them on my computer. Lately I’ve been buying albums on iTunes. I don’t have to keep a whole stack of CD’s in my car. I don’t have to keep messing with swapping the CD’s and keep them all in their correct cases.

Second, it’s easier to cut out the songs that I don’t think are going to work. Once I’ve listened to all the songs and I’ve started to eliminate some of the songs that aren’t going to work, all I have to do is remove them from the playlist. I don’t have to keep skipping past the songs that we aren’t going to use, I can focus completely on the songs we might use.

Thirdly, once I have the gotten the songs down to the list that I’m actually going to use, I have a playlist that I can use to learn the songs, use in rehearsals, etc.

For me, and iPod really simplifies the whole process of choosing new worship songs for our church, if you haven’t used yours in this way, I’d really encourage you to think about starting.