Weekend Review – 11-2930-08

This weekend came out of nowhere! Having the Thanksgiving Eve service on Wednesday night really took a chunk out of my prep time for the weekend. And then having thanksgiving there in between both services didn’t help either. Nevertheless, we got through the weekend. It wasn’t too bad either.

I knew we wouldn’t have an electric so I picked songs that could be easily carried by the acoustic or keys, and that seemed to work pretty well.

This was the last sermon in our Series on the miracles of Jesus. It was a good closer. Pastor Bob talked about how Jesus uses storms in our lives to teach us lessons and ultimately to replace the debilitating fear that they bring with an amazing faith. You can listen to the sermon here.

Since he was talking about storms we went with the theme of Storms and peace, finding our strength in the rock. It was a great set. Even though we didn’t quite have the power I was hoping for on Still (it would have been nice to have an electric, maybe even another synth) it worked out pretty good. It was also new to our congregation, so I’ll be interested to hear the feedback from it.

Here was our set:

  • Rest in Your Peace (Lindner Original – I hope to get a recording of this song up pretty soon.)
  • Jesus Lead on (Forgiven Much Arr. – a now defunct band, but a pretty cool arr. of the song.)
  • Sermon Intro Video
  • The Solid Rock (Hymn – Passion/Charlie Hall Arr.) I really like this arr. of this old song. It takes a little getting used to for people who know and love the old version, but It gets the powerful message of the song into a contemporary setting very well.
  • Still (Hillsongs) Just a powerful song.
  • Sermon
  • The Voice of Truth (Casting Crowns) I did this by myself at the keys, it would have been nice to have the band on this one, but it’s kind of difficult when your drummer is the children’s director and he has to be with the kids at the end of the service.

Now, the big push starts. Christmas is coming. 20 days and 5 hours until our big Christmas weekend service.

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