Weekend Review – 11-2223-08

This weekend was the first weekend I haven’t been on stage (except for the weekend after my son was born) in this first year that I’ve been here. And it was pretty nice. I was able to hear what the sound system sounded like for the first time with a full band, it sounds pretty good. I was able to give a little instruction to one of our soundmen in terms of some of my preferences when it comes to mixing. I was able to hear the congregation. I was able to talk to some of the other pastors and hear their feedback on what the band sounded like. It was all very nice.

One of our electric guitarists is in a band, so his band played this weekend. They were received well by the congregation and have a very polished sound. My only criticism would be that the songs were too high. They have a great lead singer (who sounds a lot like Steve Perry), so I think they tend to do songs in keys that he can sing and sound really good in. The only problem was that they were too high a lot of our congregation. Aside from that, it was great.

I think it was really rewarding for our electric guitarist as well. Not only did he enjoy himself and have a great time, he got to be infront of the congregation in a different way. A way that gives him a little more “clout” in terms of his ability and knowledge as an electric guitarist.

It was great to have the weekend off. It gave me a chance to evaluate my worship leading style, see a different style that people respond to and gave me some areas I can improve in. The break’s over though, right back into it this week with a thanksgiving eve service and our regular weekend services, and Christmas is right around the corner. It was nice to have a chance to step back for a weekend before the craziness really moves in on me in full force.

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