Weekend Review 09-0607-08

This weekend is kind of our get back into gear weekend. We’ve been doing some low key stuff for the summer, but now that everyone’s going back to school and their routines are getting formed for the year, we’re starting to ramp things back up. Our band was almost full this weekend. I’m doing my best to fill all the slots every weekend for now. That’s totally against my philosophy, but a necessity for right now. I hate the idea of filling slots. It just promotes a lack of ownership, when what we most desperately need right now is a sense of ownership. But, we’ve also got the pressure of being good every weekend for now, so it’s a choice I have to make.

This weekend was youth weekend. We would have liked to have done more that centered around the youth and get the youth

  • Indescribable
  • Unchanging
  • Welcome & Intro to youth weekend
  • Parent prayed for youth
  • My Savior, My God
  • Jesus Paid It All
  • Youth Worker prayed for youth
  • Sermon by Youth Pastor
  • Closing prayer by Senior Pastor
  • Enough

It was pretty good. I’ve been sick, so I had to let the other vocalists to most of the leading. I sang where I could but didn’t want to wreck my voice. She does a pretty good job. She’s one of our leaders who does more than just sing when she’s leading, she’ll prompt the congregation too – which is a big part of worship leading.

I’ve been forming bands for the last few months, and next week we start into a rotation of those bands, so hopefully starting next week we’ll be building some ownership and be raising the quality of what we do on a weekly basis around here.

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