Weekend Review – 08-0203-08

This weekend, we are without a drummer. At first I thought it was going to be rough and awkward, but it actually turned out quite well. This was our set:

  • I Will Boast
  • How Can I Keep From Singing
  • Welcome
  • Your Name
  • Rescue
  • Message
  • I’ll go Where He wants me to go (My Arr. of the Hymn)

We had Trevor lead How can I keep from singing and Danielle led Your Name. It’s great as the worship leader to be able to step back a little. I could actually focus on leading the band without having the mic to do that. It presents an interesting challenge, but it is possible to lead the band without having a mic in my face.

We (obviously) went with an unplugged feel for the set which worked really well, especially on How Can I keep from singing. I really botched the intro to Your Name. I didn’t turn the volume back up on my keyboard before I started, which threw me off. But, we did recover. It’s always powerful (for me) to close with Rescue. Definitely one of my favorite songs right now.

I felt like the congregation really entered into worship this weekend, especially as they were being led by people other than me. I think there’s great power in being led by more than one person. When I do it – the worship leader – people have the possibility of thinking “oh, he’s just the worship leader, he’s supposed to do that.” But when it’s one of their peers, there’s more personal connection and influence there which drives people to worship more.

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